Taking a year off!

hi im a 17 year old and i had to take last year off because of tendonitis in my elbow. i spent the summer going to a gym and a physiotherapist. this spring i was cut from AAA tryouts and was told the year off had hurt me, so i played AA level instead. now im in high school ball for the fall season and just pitched a no-hitter. i think im better than ever but could he have been right? was taking a year off a dumb idea and could it have hurt my development?
should i have just played through the pain? was he right?

“i was cut from AAA tryouts and was told the year off had hurt me”

After throwing a no-hitter you should have called him up and said "Who cares what you think…moron!"
No you shouldn’t have listened and pitched in pain. Obviously you’ve made the High School team (And the correct decision for you!!!), I’d say that is more prestigious than a recreational team…so my opine is that the dude who made that ignorant statement to you was a small minded guy likely going to have a hard time without your pitching so forgive him he’s clearly weak. Hurt him not you…I’d advise him to bite you. :smiley:

Taking a year off to come back better is a smart idea. You did the right thing.