Take a look at my mechanics

It’s a dry throw in my living room. The lighting is bad, but any help you could give me from this would be great. When I start throwing again I’ll get some video of me actually throwing off a mound, to a catcher. Thanks a lot guys.

anybody? please?

You’ve really given us a challenge here. The video is so dark, it’s in slow motion (we can’t see tempo) and it’s a dry throw with no ball or target to have intent about. Your motion seems to show a lot of promise but please get us some good video of you throwing a ball at a target. A side view would help also.

I’ll refrain from giving you specific commentary because of the above. Sorry.

very true

Ok, that’s cool, I figured as much. I just wanted to make sure my topic wasn’t being accidentally looked over as it got farther from the top of the page.

Definitely going to get good video of actual throwing. I just had some minor surgery on my plant foot so it’ll probably be about a week or so. I’ve always had good mechanics (or so I’ve been told) but I’m kinda overhauling my delivery to get a more explosive move towards the plate and get more hip/shoulder separation, and I just wanted to make sure I have everything on the right track. Thanks guys.

As others have said, it’s hard to say much.

I will say that you seem to kick your glove-side foot out a little too much (rather than just lifting the knee straight up). Other than that, you look pretty good (considering the poor lighting).