Take a Break Between High School and Summer Travel Ball?

My son, a high school pitcher, will be playing on a travel team this summer. His summer team is made up of players from different parts of the country who will meet for tournaments, so it doesn’t look like there will be a lot of formal “team” practices, and he will have to practice and work out on his own, or with a few local players who will be on the travel team with him. He will have a 6-week gap between the end of his high school season and his first summer travel tournament. Should he take any time off - say a week or two? - after the end of his high school season? Last year he took no time off between high school and summer travel ball, just wondering if maybe he should? Would appreciate your thoughts.

Honestly if he follows the mlb.com pitching guidelines and still takes 4 month off 2-3 consecutive in the year, it’s not that big of deal. I’d personally take a month off, use the last 2 weeks before tournament to build your arm back up and go into travel.

Tough to provide advice without knowing other details like what other time off he has had in the last year and will have in the next year. Also, what age/grade? You said “high school” but there can be a big difference between freshman and senior.

A.ctually, south_paw, you’re so health oriented that I’m a bit surprised you’re asking this question.

Hi Roger. My son is a 16-year-old sophomore in high school. As you might suspect, he has taken 3 months off every year from all throwing, and stayed injury free, following the advice of MLB Pitch Smart, the MLB Medical Advisory Committee, ASMI, Dr. James Andrews, et al. His last break from throwing was September to November of 2017. He’s been throwing since December 1, 2017. He will take another 3 months off this year, 2018, after his summer travel ball ends. My question about taking a week or two off during the 6-week break between high school ball and summer travel ball is in the context of, “Is there anything to gain or lose by it?”

Thanks for the clarification. I suspect you’ll only get opinions in response to your question - no data or science. That said, my opinion is that a couple weeks off might be good for body and mind while not being long enough to allow him to get rusty. Of course, it’s also not long enough to repair any ailments he may have but it sounds like he is healthy.

Thanks, Roger. Yes, there are no ailments. I am leaning toward a week or two off. My main concern was whether he would “lose something” by taking time off.

Yes, take a week or two off. If not for physical health do it for mental health. A short break will do him good.