Tailing fastball?

For a right hander, Anyone know how to get thier fastballs to tail into a righty batter? Like a maddux, or peavy fastball.

throw it with 2 seams

my son was taught at the ball is released from the fingers he pushes down with the middle finger so that the rotation will spin in and down on a right handed hitter.

Depends a lot on your arm slot. If you throw low 3/4 then it tends to happen naturally. One thing you might want to try is throwing a 4 seamer with your thumb on the side of the ball rather than under it. You probably don’t want to change your natural arm slot if it isn’t already 3/4 or low 3/4 so I’d just play with different grips to see what works or doesn’t work.

My son has nice tail on his fastball, but it isn’t something we ever tried to develop. Then again a little bit of the tail on his fastball may come from opening up a little early and dragging his arm a little bit which isn’t necessarily good for the arm. It hasn’t hurt Pedro too much though. He’s a good example of a low 3/4 slot getting a lot of tail on the ball. The long fingers help him get even more movement.