Tailing Fastball

I used to have a really dirty two seam fastball and sinker (which i still do), but now my four seam is tailing as well. Not as much as the others, but it still tails. It used to cut away from a righty (im a RHP).
Any suggestions? i think i may be short arming myself, but i havent gotten any video yet. should i let it tail or try to correct it?

Let it tail man!! As you get to higher levels movement because so important. Not so much at a high school level where you don’t need to hit the ball off the sweet spot, but once you start facing wooden bats it can be deadly.
Although post some mechanical video too, maybe you are doing something weird. Likely though nothing is wrong

the reason it might be tailing is ur putting a lot of pressure on ur index. but you should let it tail. especially if its fast. but thats kinda bas because it will break into a rightys barrel. if i breaks that way :arrow:

i play around with my two seam by applying more pressure on different fingers. middle=sinking action. index=running fastball

my tailing fastball is extremely inconsistent.
at times it tails and time its just flat. it usually happens 2-3 pitches after i throw my slider why is that

You’re probably not staying completely behind the pitch