hey guys ive been training for about 2 years and ive gotten alot of information from this website t-nation. lots of free articles and seemingly useful information and tips. its alot of body building but there are authors such as eric cressey and chad waterbury who are extremely knowledgeable in totalbody lifting as well as athletics (particularly baseball) check it out

i believe centerfield2150 made reference to this site at one time or another. what do you think KC?

I use T-nation a lot. There is quite a bit of bodybuilding stuff, which I don’t use, but they’ve got tons of useful info for athletes too.

Eric Cressey actually categorized all the baseball related articles on his site as well, if you need to find them.

Probably the best baseball specific strength coach out there.

ok cool. i use that website alot. glad to see somebody else knows about it. spread the word!