Symptoms of a torn ligament in your elbow

i’ve been having on and off elbow problems for the past few years and i have been to the doctor. But i am getting some pain again so i just want to make sure. I am scared but i am planning to go to a another doctor soon.

You might have some tendonitis (which can be due to diet) or some tears in your ucl or something else I don’t know about

A complete solution would be to see the doctor and then, when appropriate, see a pitching instructor to make sure your mechanics are good, you’re not being overused, and the pitches you throw are appropriate for your age.

See your doc and then go to GNC and get a bottle of Triflex. Triflex is glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. It helps rebuild cartilage and also lubricates joints. Great for tendonitis and offsetting arthritis. Acutually I recommend that to any pitcher. But go pick some up!