How important is muscle symmetry / coordination? While watching my son work out, I noticed that one side of his body was much more coordinated and stable than the other (e.g., when doing walking lunges he was more balanced and strong when leading with one leg versus the other). Does it matter that one side is more coordinated than the other? If he balances out both sides will that help his pitching in any way? Ironically, his weak side on the walking lunges is when he has his right front foot forward (as he would when he is pitching - he’s left-handed). It looks like he’s going to lose his balance in that position.

This is one of the things that Wolforth has been preaching against as a protection against injury. His recommendation is based on the works of Gray Cook and Michael Boyle.

Extremely. He needs to be doing bilateral work (squats, deadlifts) in addition to unilateral work (lunges) to stabilize this.

Thanks, guys. It was the strangest thing to see! Never heard of the issue before.

It’s pretty common in athletes that have inherent asymmetries. You see it often in baseball players, golfers, hammer throwers, hockey players, and so forth.