Swollen elbow tendon, time frame and help please

I finished my season the sunday before the last. and have a tendon in my elbow swollen. it had already been there but i finished the season with it. its been getting better since then so i know its nothing serious.

Ive been icing, taking ib profen, glucosamine 750, and using heating pads. Ive also started doing the tuff cuff 20 min bike routine and not doing any upper body workout until it heals. im wondering if i should be doing upper body and if what im doing can be improved somehow.Also am wondering how long on average do tendons usually take before coming down. Any help would be appreciated.


Well everyone’s body is different. My advice would be to keep off of it until you are at least 90% sure it has healed. Think about it, you’re still very young right? No reason to tear up your arm now. I know the itch to pitch (im a poet and i didnt even know it) can get veeerrrryyyyy bad sometimes, but you have to keep off of it.

Thanks bluengreen but already knew to do that im 23 so i know the importance(was just being dumb cuz it was playoffs). gata low 90s fastball so im happy with my mechanics and can handle the wait time. just wondering what that time might be, got a new season on sept. 25 so just wanted to give coach a time frame.

Well you didnt really say that…oh well, just trying to be helpful.

o no you were and thankyou i just posted that in case someone figured i got my answer.