Switching to overhand?

I was throwing a bullpen today and decided to try a few overhand and wow my catcher noticed a big difference in velocity, he said around 4-5 mph faster, he is a human rader gun so I would trust him, so i started throwing more and could hit my spots w/ pinpoint control and there was a good difference in velocity in my change to, so my ? is should i sacrafice movement and disception for velocityand control?

Yeah sure. I mean there are ways to get movement overhand. I get good dropping movement on my fastball. alot of the time i get batters swinging3 or more inches above the ball. and all i throw is the sinking fastball. Experiment with different grips. and hell if you could change how you release that ball right at the last second of release you could get movement. A few times i accidently with make my fingers roll off the top of the ball as i was releasing it it made the ball drop and move away. so finger pressure also helps. Put finger presssure on your middle finger and it will move one way
put pressure with the index and it will move another way. experiemt

It’s really up to you. Go with whatever you think will give you the better chance to succeed. If you decide to go overhand I don’t think it would be hard to mix in some sidearm pitches, that would really confuse the batter.

i had thought about that, i think i would need to throw a fastball and and a breakingball sidearm in order to be effective

I say throw multiple pitches from both arm angles. Learning to change arm angles is a huge benefit to keeping hitters off balance. We have a kid who throws a curve, fastball, and knuckle from 3/4. A curve, tailing fastball, and knuckle sidearm, and occasionally with throw a pitch submarine. He doesn’t have overpowering velocity but the hitters never know what’s coming.