Switching because injury?

Has anyone done this later in their career like highschool?

heres a senario, there is a sophomore in highschool who is having arm problems, and in the end needs surgery to fix his arm. Wouldnt it be easier to just learn to throw left handed instead of waiting 1 1/2 years to play again cuz of the surgery?

well im scared cuz my elbow was hurting at first for like 2 weeks, now it doesnt hurt, and I tried to throw today but my shoulder hurts now and i’ve never had pain in my shoulder.

Depends on your degree of ambidextrity.

well what if its like no good at all lol, I cant write with my left hand, well I can but its really slow and sloppy, would just writing and doing everday things with my left hand equally develop it?

i write left handed throw right handed and kick left footed but I can’t throw left handed except for a mean knuckleball :smiley: and when I write right handed it looks like a foreign language. So if I were you I’d wait.

wait for what? im not sayin I need surgery its just buggin me a lot lately.

what are some things I could do to coordinate the left side of my body, Im hoping it wont happen but I gotta have a backup plan.