switch pitcher

hey guys I was messin around the other day cuz my right arm was really sore and I discovered that I can throw well with my left arm, I was able to have a smooth delivery lefty and threw about 50-55 from the full 60’6" I would throw about 5-7 good strikes right on the outside corner. then a few bad ones in the dirt or over to the side or up in the air. but my catcher was telling me that my fastball looked like a sinker, it would tail a little bit away from a righty and drop. everytime. I was having trouble getting my fingers behind the ball though, and I was throwing 4 seamers. should I pursue this and keep throwing lefty? I can also catch really well lefty. So ya I also broke the growth plates in my right arm when I was little do you guys think that has something to do with my pitching slow righty?

mess up your career if you like. I don’t care. Also good luck saving enough money for a glove. Rawlings:$450 LS:$400 Mizuno:$700

… It’s doable… especially if he is still in high school. I wouldn’t exactly call HS a career yet…

thats true but when i tried switch pitching for awhile I hurt my elbow pretty bad

When I robbed a bank, I got off scot free. So it’s ok to rob banks!

Note: Sarcasm

Why would it matter if your non throwing elbow hurts anyways?

To the OP: Go for it but don’t do any less with your original throwing arm until you are confident and capable with your new one. As always, be careful.

can I get a few links to some of those gloves? thanks. also ya im a sophomore and I only throw with my left when I have off days of rest for my right arm, I still do my regular long toss, bullpens and what not with my right arm. I’d say im gonna feel comfortable using my left maybe next year or senior year.

Sorry it took me so lon to get back to ya. I just ordered a Louisville Slugger
glove for 400 and its the best looking one.

Here’s a picture of the Rawlings One (I think its ugly)


Here’s a video of the Louisville Slugger one

Here’s a video of the Mizuno One

I personally know this guy in the Mizuno Video and he will make it to the MLB at the age of 38

im a switch pitcher, i got an akadema glove for $90