Switch hitting

My son is 10, throws and bats left handed. Is it advisable to switch hit if you are a left handed batter.

Well I think it’s okay to teach someone to switch hit, still make sure he’s getting his lefty cuts in though because those are the most important. I was a switch hitter up until I turned 14 and I had a coach tell me since we have no lefty pitchers to just hit lefty always. It worked since everyone had the don’t hit the lefty syndrom and my obp was around .900 but now that I’m older and I see lefty pitchers enough I wish I could bat right handed just so I could see the ball better, but that swing is long gone.

I’d give it a try and if it just doesn’t work after a few times practicing it, it just might not ever work. It is a benefit to switch hit though, trust me on this, our rivals will sometimes put one of their lefties in just to face me almost like a pro team, I can hit lefties ok now but it’s really hard.

Might as well give it a shot, you never know if it works well till you try it.