Switch hitting

I just turned 20 and I am a righty. I have never batted lefted and am in now way ambidextrous. I want to learn to bat left and have already started practicing.

The hardest part I found was getting my left side to do what my right side does instinctivey. Mainly, Loading up and “Squashing the bug”.
However I’ve been having friends throwing me some pitches and while most of my swings are weak, I’ve had some promising hacks where everything felt perfect, my load up my form, follow threw, everything.

Is it worth continuing? I don’t really plan to swing lefty in a game for another year or two until I feel 100% comfortable.

work the tee, soft toss. just keep practicing. but don’t forget to also practice right too. equal amount

Here are some dry hacks of me swinging lefty and righty, my lefty swing is starting to feel way more fluid but im still working on it.



You’re lefty swing needs the hips to come through, your upper body looks good but your hips and lower body are sort of staying still, it’s all upper body, really choppy.

I did the same thing with my righty swing when I attempted switch hitting again, my righty swing just isn’t there and my lefty swing is good enough that I just wanna stick with it. It’s a tough thing to do.

Try taking slow dry hacks in front of a mirror and also try to swing with your eyes closed to get a feel for what you’re doing righty and not lefty.

Do you think having a longer stance might help get my lower half into it more?

And I can definetly feel a lack of lower support as my swing feels slower and less sharp. Though I’m progressing much better then I had expected I still want to get it right.

yes, it is worth it. work on it more, and perfect it.

of course its worth it. when i try to bat lefty. like you said its hard to do what your rightside does.

It’s definately worth it, in nothing else during batting practice when everyone wants to play home run derby and the rules are to go switch you aren’t the only one that looks like a girl when you swing…no offense Zita!