Switch Hitter or Power Hitter

What is better, being a switch hitter or being a power hitter. I am more of a singles and doubles hitter so I was thinking about trying to switch hit. Also what do coaches look for, switch or power? Thanks in advance.

in my opinion if you can have good contct on one side of the plate why go to the other. I think you should just work on power and contact from one side of the plate. I dont think batting right or left makes that much of a difference

go for the power hitter. Most players who switch hit are born with the ability to do so, or learn very early

yeah any giants fans in here? well dan ortmeir on the giants got drafted as a switch hitter and just learned to switch hit in his freshman year in college. He just recently gave up switch hitting and is just focusing on the right side. But people like Chipper are just naturually grew up that way so its hard to just get int o switch hitting.