Swing holes

how do u spot holes in swings and figure out how to pitch to certain batters?

what things that as a pitcher u want to see in a swing?

and how do u pitch to those certain holes?

there are so many its hard to tell them all lol. Buy the book steven ellis sells about pitching it’s great and has helpped me understand what to throw in different situations.

Things like upper cut swing Throw it high and inside

Downward swing throw it down

level swing mix it yup

pulls head out off speed down and away and fastball away

keeps head on ball mix it up


if u wud be so kind as to cover all the most common holes… i have a big game tomorrow and i have no idea how to study hitters :frowning:

open stance (1 leg near base front leg farther from the plate) pitch away from them

closed stance (front foot is closer to home plate than the back) pitch inside to them.

upercut swing: pitch low in strike zone

downcut swing: pitch high in strike zone

power hitter: mix lots of breaking balls/off speed pitches and make the batters box a tiny bit bigger.

7 8 9 hitters: go after them with lotsa fastballs

hope that helps. some people can disagree if they want but thats what i think will work for you.

Let your catcher do all that, its part of their job.

im a serious powerhitter and i bat9 for the reason you mentioned. Some idiot pitchers only go after 789 hitters with fastballs, and that what i LOVE to hit. Dont get caught in the trap. Test the hitter out before you make that choice, or it could cost you the game.

Thers is no such thing is a level swing unless you swing at a ball by your chest for you information

Booma, not everyone has a catcher that should know that stuff. i’m not saying you’re wrong because you aren’t. but in the league i was in, the competition wasn’t as good. and the catcher on my team, well he plays football and was still afraid to block a ball in the dirt. one game i threw him a fastball up and he couldn’t even catch it. and Booma, the league you are in is probly more competitive than some other leagues to have a power hitter hitting 9th.

I do agree with you there, but still a pitcher cant think that much about a batters weakness while he’s pitching, hes got to concentrate on hitting his spots. If a catcher doesnt have the expirence or knowlegde of how to catch, sit him down and tell him and get him to work on it. My catcher looks at each hitter in the first AB’s of the game. Then next AB’s we’ve got them worked out and beat them…usually lol.

The reason why im batting 9 is because its where i feel most comfortable. I requested to hit there. If your coach sticks the the traditional lineup you will have the trouble, when the pitcher follows the lines Matt666 described.

When it comes to pitching take the bull durham approach and just throw the ball what and where the catcher wants it.

if i got to pick i would definately hit 9th also because the league im in has the same mind set that Matt666 explained, but unfortunately i hit 3rd and get hardly any fastballs :frowning: lol

Matt you are wrong with 2 stances/swings

Uppercut swing you want to throw high because then they will swing up and pop it up.

Downward swing would be down to make them ground out.

just to let you know