i know this si not about pitching but i really want to grow taller so it can help my pitching. Will swimming help?

you cant just do certain things to get taller. Your height is all about genetics but swimming (in my opinion) is great for pitchers. some people will disagree and say that swimming is not good for your shoulder but ive been doing it for the past 2 yrs and its helped me a lot.

I believe I saw on tv once that if you hang from a pole…like a swing set that you’ll stretch your body and add inches.

(Whats that?? that was the Brady Bunch and didn’t really work…Greg was moving the line on Bobby to make it seem like in worked…uggghhh)

Never mind!!!

Sorry I couldn’t help but throw that in…the older guys on here might get a chuckle from it… :roll:

My son is very tall for his age, he is 7 and as tall as 9 year olds. So my guess is to eat a LOT, but healthy grains, fruit/vegie, meats. Milk wont hurt. As for me was was 5’11 in 8 th grade, but only grew an inch in High School, go figure…

how tall you are has nothing to do with how much you eat like i said its all about genetics and theres nothin you can do about your height, you gotta live with what you were given.