i was thinking about startin to swim for strength along with my weight lifting. i’ve read that pedro martinez has done this in the past and wanted to know what everyones thoughts are on it.

i just wanna thank anyone that even looked at this thread

Don’t feel bad c-rocks, even the best threads get missed. I’d say it’s happy for conditioning, in my opinion it isn’t for developing more strength.

I’ve never heard anything one way or the other (which is why I was waiting to see if anyone could offer a better response).

I doubt that swimming would hurt you at all. If you enjoy swimming, it should be a good range of motion exercise for your shoulder. It would also help your cardio fitness out. Try some interval “sprints” in the pool.

I’ve got a 27-minute swimming program for pitchers in the TUFFCUFF manual that I used in college and pro ball, but I generally recommend my guys to use pool training only in the offseason, because it stresses the shoulder.

Some consider pool workouts to be better “conditioning” than even running/sprinting – from the standpoint of how it affects one’s cardiovascular system. It makes sense. More limbs/body parts are actively moving.

And while the pool provides less stress on the knees, shins, legs – it is particularly “hard” on the shoulder. That’s no problem in the off-season, where you’re doing limited, low-intensity throwing. But in-season, it’s better to stick with running and stationary bikes – and save your arm for pitching.

I’d get grief as a coach when we were away at tourneys or even at home in summer when I wouldn’t let my pitchers go swimming. It was based on how tired swimming makes the throwing arm feel. I once heard a speaker explain that the muscle groups associated with swimming aren’t used reqularly, so that a period of intense or even moderate swimming can cause arm fatigue. My eldest son ran smack into this when at a tourney he and the other good pitcher on the team swam most of the night before a PAL st championship game, both were unable to go more than an inning.

I’ve heard that swimming is a joint-loosening activity and, therefore, is not goot for pitchers. But I can’t back up that claim. Maybe it’s just certain strokes (e.g. butterfly)?

thanks guys now wat about the weigthed baseball thread i posted haha

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