Swimming workout

What types of swims should I do?
I live by a Lifetime Fitness so I like to go swimming

Front crawl
breast stroke
back crawl

How many times per week???

I think swimming is a great supplement to a solid workout program. I like it best as a low-impact way to get your cardio in as well as a recovery exercise immdediately following a workout or pitching outing. It is a total body exercise and also one of the few exercises that tend to lengthen muscle fibers rather than shorten them. That’s why it’s a great follow-up exercise to lifting.

Frequency would be up to you and your time. Some would say it’s not pitching specific but the benefits are so good that working it in once or twice a week shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m only guessing here but the stroke that would worry me the most is the butterfly. Crawls, breast stroke and others that tend not to cause potential impingement shouldn’t be a problem.

I agree, which is why I included a swimming program in TUFFCUFF for those with access to a pool.

I’m both a varsity swimmer and pitcher at my high school and from experience swimming is one of the best workouts for you. During the fall I was doing swimming before school and baseball after and it was the best my arm’s ever felt. Stick to crawl, back, and breast though as butterfly is a lot of strain on your shoulders. Be sure to extend your arms as long as they can in both directions while doing crawl stroke. Breast is excellent too for helping you recover…

Swimming is great, but be careful that you supplement with the right exercises because if you over-do it or don’t keep up with exercises you shoulders will round and that can lead to a butt-load of problems.