Swimming for Conditioning


I was wondering about swimming as a conditioning routine for pitchers.

My son has been swimming for years. He’s been on our local swim team since he was five, and he has developed a strong core and legs. He pitched for the first full season last summer. He’s thirteen, a little over six feet tall and around 200 pounds. He also throws very hard. When the swim season started, he was a bit fatigued early in the season; but as the season went on, his stamina increased to the point where he threw harder as the game went along.

So, will swimming help his pitching?


Swimming is a great exercise. Easy on the joints and is no-impact.

BTW, your son is HUGE for his age! You said he is only 13?!
Is he projected to grow any more?


Wow, he’s my size and he’s only 13! Yeah swimming is a great conditioner, I love swimming, I’ve always liked being in the water and it does a lot of good for a body.


This topic comes up often. Someone should give a good workout, or search for a past post.


When I was in college we had to wake up 2-3 times a week at 5:30 and swim as part of our off-season program. We incorporated the freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke. We would do laps (down-back) and each time the number of laps would build. Mixed in we would have PR’s (personal records) where for that lap we had to go our fastest. We also incorporated pool bouys that went between our thighs to isolate the upperbody, and used kickboards to isolate the lowerbody. At the end, we had to tread water for 10 minutes. Sometimes we would play water polo for that time. When we got out of the water, you could feel it. You felt stronger and knew the workout was effective.


^ There ya go.


Is he the next Paul Bunyan?

If channels that size he should dominate at his age.

From what I’ve heard swimming’s one of the best conditioners, I know when the weather warms up up here, I’m in the pool first thing. I know it always feels good on my shoulders to swim, seems to ease them after pitching.


Is he the next Paul Bunyan?

I know huh?


Make sure you get him a blue ox.

anyway, I actually do know a kid of similar size. He’s in 8th grade now, so I’m guessing he’s 14 and he’s 6’2 220 lbs. Kids a monster, he’s put on a litte fat now, his dad’s not really a nutritioning expert, he’s a big guy himself, he’s most likely gonna be our catcher on varsity next year. Kid’s got some real tools.


Watch THIS!!! Jarron Gilbert is 6’6 280 You wanna talk about an explosive lower half? THIS GUYS GOT IT!!!

I know its not baseball related, he is entering the NFL draft this year, but it is still unbelievably impressive!!



Are we all forgetting that 1st baseman on the Saudi Arabia Little League team like 2-3 years ago. He was 12 and 6’10". Last i heard he moved to TX and is now 7’3", unfortunately he quit baseball to play basketball full time.


I would too if I was that tall


Yeah I remember that kid. I also remember their CF was 6’ 4"


This is a video of him from December throwing in a gym. He plays catch about three times a week, but he hadn’t really pitched since July. He’s a bit rough here, throwing about 70-90% of his normal velocity. This is a kind of before look. He starts pitching instruction with a professional instructor today, Matt Whiteside from All-Star Performance:


Try having him throw in short or baseball pants, jeans kind of constrict the legs so he can’t get full motion.


I tried this one time and was doing the breaststroke or something and tweaked my non-throwing shoulder and it hurt for a little while.