Swimming after a workout

I tried this the other day after my second offseason workout and when I woke up in the morning I wasent stiff or sore at all. Is this from the swimming or is it my muscles getting used to working out.

I would say it would be due to the cardio nature of swimming, basically you helped flush you system of any lactic buildup from your body.

The first workout probably hit your body especially hard, but really you will probably end up sore after every hard and intense workout.

so would it be a good idea to do a couple of laps after every workout

Personally I’m more in favor of a light job or even some sprints. I’ve heard different things about swimming tightening up pitchers shoulders but I don’t know whether that’s fact or fiction.

Swimming will work the muscles of the rotator cuff even more than throwing a ball will (which up to a point can be good for pitchers). You have to be sure that you are using the correct stoke mechanics or else you run the risk of an impingement injury.

I know some people really like swimming for pitchers but I don’t usually suggest it. Swimming really works that lats and I don’t want my guys to be tight in their lats. Another problem some people have is that they don’t like overhead activities so they don’t like the swimming either.

I’d prefer pitchers to run some longer sprints and lift the day following.

I was wondering what everyone thought of doggie paddeling. I like doing it because it makes you tired but doesnt make your arms or legs sore. The other day I did 15 laps doggie paddeling with out stopping. That tired me out alot, but my arms wern’t sore at all.