Sweeping Fastball

Does anyone know how to throw a fastball that sweeps across the plate just like JP Howell’s fastball. I think it would be cool to know.

Pronation. People seriously need to look in old topics for answers.

i did a search for JP Howell on this site and it only came up with 4 topics. 3 of them by me the other was 19 pages long so i didn’t bother looking :lol:

also why would pronation cause the ball to sweep it would cause it to have a screwball effect :?:

You posted a topic called “2-seam movement” a while ago…

yea i know but a 2 seam has screwball action. JP Howell’s fastball has slider action

Then hes throwing a cutter, http://www.thecompletepitcher.com/articles/rivera_cutter.htm

NO ITS NOT. HE throws a fastball that sweeps like 2FT. A change-up. A curve.
and a lightly cutting cutter

Whats his top speed and what speed is his “sweeping fastball”?

his sweeping fastball goes 86-87

Hes throwing a slider or a cutter with a lot of movement.

so there for he has no fastball :shock:

Does he ever throw a pitch with not alot of movement?


I just googled him and I have seen no mention of his fastball moving so much.

here he does throw that sweeping fastball heres a picture of how he grips it

i’ll look it up but i thought I saw a website that says something about his sweeping fastball


[quote=“Wikipedia.org”]J. P. Howell
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J. P. Howell Tampa Bay Rays — No. 39
Starting Pitcher
Born: April 25, 1983 (1983-04-25) (age 24)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Major League Baseball debut
June 11, 2005 for the Kansas City Royals
Selected MLB statistics
(through 2007)
Win-Loss 5-14
Earned Run Average 6.34
Strikeouts 136

* Kansas City Royals (2005)
* Tampa Bay Devil Rays/Rays (2006-present)

James Phillip Howell (born April 25, 1983, in Modesto, California) is a Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher. He is an alumnus of Jesuit High School in Carmichael, California and the University of Texas at Austin.

Howell is a soft tosser. He throws his sweeping fastball in the mid 80’s, topping out at 87 MPH. He also throws a curveball that’s been described by scouts as “heavy” because of its extremely sharp downward break. He throws a changeup that breaks away from right-handed hitters. Howell also throws a cutter to his arsenal.Howell has good command of all four pitches.

Howell made his Major League Baseball debut with the Kansas City Royals on June 11, 2005. On June 20, 2006 Howell was traded to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for infielder Fernando Cortez and outfielder Joey Gathright,and made his Devil Rays debut on August 1, 2006.

[edit] Teams

* Kansas City Royals: 2005-2006
* Tampa Bay Rays: 2006-Present

[edit] See also

* Tampa Bay Rays all-time roster

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* Page at Baseball Reference

here ya go

Thats seriously hilarious dude. I was on wikipedia looking on his page about 10 minutes ago and it said “sinking” fastball. That-a-boy Kazmir. That-a-boy.

when i look it says sweeping