Sweating the small stuff - and rightfully so

I’ve heard it time and time again from orthepedist and physical therapists; pitchers are neglecting the small muscles in their arm - leading to them being injured. I myself have found that I don’t possess a lot of knowledge about this, not even knowing the muscles. I can currently think of a grand total of 3:

  • the 4 rotator cuff muscles
  • elbow flexor mass
  • decelatory scaps

Would anyone care to add to the list?

Here’s the truth.

It is impossible to isolate the small muscles. There is no literature to support that notion. Moreover, the idea that strengthening the shoulder as a whole will not contribute to strength of the rotator cuff in general is wrong.

Finally, there’s a huge issue with the word ‘strength’ in the rehab field. When you’re hearing people denote ‘strengthen the rotator cuff muscles’ are they talking about neurological strength, tissue capacity, endurance etc?

Work on building capacity in different ranges of motion – focus less on specific muscles.