This question should have some good answers as not asking anyone to invent the wheel here. We’re playing in a high level travel league this fall in South Florida. Double Header today started at 11am… hot as hell…very little breeze…no shade… almost no clouds… muggy…

sweat was pouring off the kids… my son was starting today. Did fairly well…u-tubing his opening outing now. But by the middle of the 2nd inning, he couldn’t throw anything other than a sinker. He usually throws a splitter or box as his change up… he said he had to scrap those as the sweat was making it impossible to control. Breaking balls completely out of the question…

He was around the zone… struck out 4… a couple of bloop hits and a hit batter and he was out of there in the 3rd, having given up 4 ER.

I suggested next time use rosin, have a dry towel in his pocket to wipe off with, and use Under Armor sweat wicking long sleeves…

Don’t know how good those would be…

what’s the answer here???


tim, palmbeachpitching

you should defianly use a rosin bag. or some kind of towel.

There are three (3) things that your son can do to reduce the effects of heat and sweat.

  • The night before a game or practice, take a few face towels and soak them in water, then wring them out so their damp. Place the face towels in a clear plastic bag, then place the bag and the towels in the freezer. The day of the game or practice, take the plastic bag out of the freezer, roll the bag with the frozen towels inside, in large towel and stuff in a small tote cooler. During the game a refreshing cold face wipe will do wonders.

  • Prior to leaving for a game or practice, open the inside of four or five clean T-shirt and sprinkle with baby/talcum powder. In between innings, take off the sweaty T-shirt, wipe the chest - shoulders -back with a clean towel, then slip on the cool clean T-shirt with a refreshing layer of baby/talcum powder. The baby/talcum powder will absorb most of the body oil and cool down the entire upper torso.

  • I do not recomend rosin for youngsters. Skin reactions are common place with today’s commerical grade that’s packed in the small pouches and the shelf life of the product is very short - not to mention expensive. Besides, very few, and I mean very few amateur coaches understand the principle(s) behind rosin, not to mention the tendency of this stuff to get into the eyes of the user. Below is an alternative that I’ve used for years. It’s a combination of corn startch and baking soda. This mixture can be customized to meet the demands of the user, it’s cheap, and can be stuffed into an old sock, then the sock tied at the end. Just make sure to show this sock and explain its use to the plate umpire prior to bringing it to the mound. By the way, if your the home team you’ll be supplying this for the other club as well - so, be ready for some sloppy usage as the game goes on.

  • One of the simplest things to supply for your son’s club is a “Cool Down Station”. A simple bucket of water, a wire rack bent over it, a couple of bath towels near the bucket, and a refreshing Cool Down Station is set up. Now if your son’s entire team is going to be using this, I would suggest every parent or, someone, supply about seven or eight of these Cool Down Stations, with each youngster supplying his/her own towel.

Coach B.


Thanks for the suggestions and warning about the rosin…


Great post, Coach B!