im so sick of kids worrin bout what they look like if you really dont have enough confidence in your game that you have to spend 30minutes to do eye black then you shouldnt play cus real ball players show up and play not act like some girl doin makeup instead of locking in

I don’t know about eye black but I do understand about looking good, if you look good, you feel good and more than likely play good. But at the end of the day, 2 teams show up in good looking uni’s it’s gonna be who preforms and gets the “W” not who looks more like a ball player.

I get where your coming from but everyone tries to make themselves look good, because IMO when I try to get my uni to look good I feel good. And you obviously need to feel good to perform. Like buwhite said I don’t know about eye black…in fact I can’t remember the last time I played with someone who wore the stuff but I have played with kids who take about 5-10 minutes longer to get ready cause they want their arm sleeves to be perfect, they want there wristbands on, etc. Me personally as long as my shirt is tucked in and comfortable and my pants don’t have elastic ends I’m a happy camper.

im not sayin you cant look good it just have it taken care of before the game because once your on the field your main concern should be the gaame

Oh they are worrying about this while they are playing? Cause that’s ridiculous. I just assumed you meant that they were like last on the bus/last to get on the field to warm up because they were trying to look good.

yeah there checkin there eye black every inning , spending more time make sure the pine tar on thier bat looks good instead of lokking @ the pitcher stuff like that

Funny this has been posted.

 My kid loves to see these players come to the plate. He says that they are so worried about how they look at the plate with their six wrist bands, eye black, Gary Sheffield bat waggle, digging in with all their might, they aren't ready to hit. 

 He takes great pride in throwing every thing he has at them, K-ing them, and then watching them slam their pristine bat into the ground cause they looked so pretty striking out again.

This is from a 15 year old HS pitcher.

Tis pathetic to see people, particularly adults, posting negative comments about young people on here. Just sayin’. It’s just a game.

hey im 15

Not talkin’ bout you schwaggy…talkin bout turn22.

My sides are aching because I’ve been laughing so hard while reading this particular series of posts—which, by the way, have nothing to do with pitching mechanics.
I’ve seen many ballplayers, or would-be ballplayers, who are so concerned with looking good that I’ve wondered—are they on a baseball field or a fashion-show runway? Wouldn’t the next step for these—uh—fashion plates be NOT sliding into a base because they don’t want to get their uniforms dirty? Or allowing a fly ball or a high line drive get away from them because they don’t want to collide with a fence or a wall for the same reason? If this is their primary concern, then they really have no business being on a baseball field—they should stay home. Getting dirty, getting all mussed up in the performance of their duties, is part of the game. :o :lol:

Tis pathetic to see people, particularly adults, posting negative comments about young people on here. Just sayin’. It’s just a game.[quote

You really need to get a grip on reality.
Where in my post did you get that I posted a negative comment about any “young People”. What i posted is from a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD and HIS dealing with other FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS who take the game as a fashion show instead of skill.
My son, by the way, works his butt off six days a week to hone his skills and become the best BALLPLAYER, not fashion model, he can be. He has every right to exploit the weaknesses of those that use the diamond as a photo op of “Johnny” for mommy and daddy.
As a matter of fact, I believe that it’s part of every pitchers job to exploit weaknesses in hitters.
See, for some it’s more than simply a game. This “game” is part of their lives. It’s what they love to do. It’s “the game” they sacrifice sleeping in on Saturday, going to school early for work outs, and staying after school for practice/bullpens/batting practice/intersquads.

Zita, couldn’t agree more. does my heart good to see a player coming in to the dugout filthy from sliding in hard to a base or diving for a ball. [/quote]

So Turn 22, who were you talking to…and honestly about what?

I am so confused!

I was responding to a post made by abbyadam. Maybe rambled a bit. My original post was how my son responds to excessive swag.
Again, sorry for the confusion

  1. my bad about posting this in pitching forum it was like my second day on the site
    2)i dont think turn22 was trashing on Kids but if your kid is so in to the game why are you on this website for him instead of him being on it himself

He reads the forum but chooses not to post. I’ve been here since 2009 and I just read it for a long time.

If your interested in posting to him He will answer you. Not to be rude, honestly, but what does me posting, and not him, have to do with him being into the game?

Look sexy, feel sexy, play sexy.