Suuplement Question regarding NCAA rules

Hey y’all,
I am a current junior college pitcher that will be transferring to an SEC school within the semester due to succesful recruitment. My workout supplements are all NCAA legal supplements however, there is one major problem. I am a severe narcoleptic and am prescribed a medicine called Xyrem. For those of you who are knowledgable about supplements, this is directed to you. Basically, Xyrem is the NCAA/ Every other professional athletic association’s banned substance called GHB. The way GHB works is the sleep it produces combined with the fact that you dose twice nightly means that I produce double the amount of growth hormone than someone who is not on it. The only problem is that if I were to not take this medication, my narcoleptic symptoms would arise and I would not be able to function during the day, let alone play baseball.

With that said, if there is anyone that knows if exceptions to the banned substance list can be issued in situations such as myself.

Yes. However, this is not the place for advice. Contact your athletic director ASAP and see about a therapeutic use waiver.

Athletic Trainers, specifically the head of the department must be notified immediately of all supplements and drugs that are taken for medical reasons. You can receive a waiver for it if you go through the proper steps.