Hey yall im 15 years old and will be a sophmore in highschool. About a year ago i had a nerve release on my throwing arm. i am a pitcher and wood just like to no what i should do to get my arm in shape and keep it healthy

Go see a good sports med doc then BUY TUFF CUFF and have that doc moniter your progress and tell you what to do so you don’t get hurt.

Stretch good, do some light weights, wrist curls, wrist extentions, etc., also, start out slow and don’t overdo it. Go see a sports doctor, tell him what happened and don’t lie. Tell the truth, if you lie and don’t tell him all the details, he might get the wrong analasis and give you bad advice.

Is “nerve release” the name of a surgical procedure? Or is that the description of an injury? If it’s a surgical procedure, your doctor should have prescribed a rehab program for you. If not, you should probably talk to him about one.