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This is mostly to KC or anyone else who has used this. A while back you gave me a few links (KC) and one of them was about the post workout meal and the guy was doing research for this product. Well I wondered how this product is becuase it seems that there was a lot thought out about it. I really need a post workout meal and this seems to be a pretty easy solution for a very complicated question. I’m not sure if this will be exately right for me. It’s 16 servings for $32. I normally workout 2-3 times a week, so that should last me around a month. I read that whole article you gave me and it seems taht this is doing the job.

Is there another recommended path?

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From article:
2) A homemade recovery drink

1 serving whey protein + 2 servings Gatorade - (369 calories) - 25g protein, 66g Carbohydrate, 0.5g Fat

do you recommend anything special for whey protein? I should go with isolate correct? This will be early in the morning after a small breakfast after working out.

Isolate is more “pure” and easier on the stomach. Concentrate is cheaper. If you can afford isolate then get it.

I thought I made a post earlier but something went wrong. My question was that I put this topic on about nutrition and some other things, and no one replied and I was wondering if KC or anyone could help me out. Or becuase I know KC is big with internet studies has a good forum to use for it. Heres the orignial post.

[quote]Ok, here goes. I’m 15, I play 3 sports all year round. I workout around 3 times a day or so alternating around games. I usually spend about $3.30 during the course of a school day. I usually eat their breakfast, lunch and a BLT before practice or a game.

I’m 5’9"

Also, when I workout it is usually in the morning so I get up at 530 grab something to eat, toady it was an english muffin with peanutbutter. I can eat at 9AM during study hall and my lunch period is at 1030. I figured I should eat a small snack before lunch and a small lunch. Then I get done with school at 240 and thats when I eat another meal before my practice.

I think I need to get a good afterworkout meal, from what I’ve read a liquid shake is the best thing. In a 2:1 carb to protein ratio. I’ve heard that 1 serving of whey and 2 servings of gatorade is good. This is another thing I need to work out. I also don’t want to spend any more than what I normally spend so $16.50 a week is what I normally spend. I would need to buy whey and whatever I need for school. I would like to stop buying from the school. So I need snacks for the day I assume and I will need some ideas of good ones. I will also need ideas for a lunch breakfast and a post workout diet.

These are my common 2 days.

Day 1
5:30-Wakeup and eat breakfast
6:15-7:00-Working out and thats when I will need my post workout drink
9:00-First study hall a possible time for a small meal or snack
10:30-My lunch period
2:40-School ends time for another meal before practice
5:15-Practice ends and I eat whatever my mom cooks for dinner


6:30- Wakeup and breakfast
9:00-First studyhall
2:40- School ends then I start afterschool workout
2:40- Baseball Game
Whenever I get home is dinner

Also take into account it is $16.50 for 5 days a week for my first 4/6 small meals. I eat dinner at home and a snack there.

I need some good on the go snacks and things i can eat in school. Tuna on whole wheat seems good for lunch. I could always use a mayo substitute.

Thanks for any help.[/quote]