I know supplements are good for you, well some of them atleast, but why are they so good for a pitcher currently lifting weights? Also, just for some background help I guess, I’m 16, and ive been lifting.

Supplements essentially help boost and further the gains you will naturally get, as well as helping to avoid plateaus, or atleast get through them easier. They can also help to make up for deficiencies in ones diet. If any thing a multivitamin will always help out.

To answer your question more directly. Basically everyone is looking for an edge (not detrimental to the body, keep in mind), and a way to make the most of your offseason training. To maximize your improvements in the strength department.

Supplements allow one to fill their daily nutritional needs. Food/water/rest comes first, then supplements. They are there to supplement your diet, increase recovery, strength, etc…

Since you’re only 16, stick with the basics for now: Multivitamin, Whey protein, Creatine, fish oil, and maybe a bcaa.

Here’s what I’m using right now: Ergopharm GF pro Cherry protein, Primaforce Substance WPI (Chocolate Malt/Grape), Mega Men Multi, NOW super epa, Scivation Xtend, NOW Ginger root, and Xtreme formulations Ultra Peptide Protein for night. I also use USP labs Cissus Rx to see how it effects the healing of my groin injury. I ran out of Creatine, but I had been using the Controlled Labs stack: Green bulge/whiteblood.

I Plan on purchasing either DS Xceed or Controlled labs Green Magnitude to replace my Creatine.

wow, how much are you spending a month on supps?

Umm, not that much actually; i just ordered this. I’m lactose intolerant, so I can’t use wpc, so I use wpi-more expensive, but worth it.

Basically, the only thing I’ll have to order each month will be my Xtreme formulations ultra peptide which is $27. And, I have 6 lbs of Primaforce Substance WPI right now, 4 lbs chocolate which should last about 2 months, and 2lb grape which should last for a while, too. I use that with my Scivation xtend grape.

And my Ergopharm Gf Pro should last about 2-3 months since that’s a 5 lb container. I use about 2 scoops of wpi a day, and 1 scoop of my night time protein. The rest comes from food. I usually have about 7-8 meals a day. 3 from shakes, and the rest from food.

To save money, I use scivation xtend on workout days, game days, and practice days.

So, to sum it up, maybe 30-50 dollars. Maybe more depending on what month it is, and how i use my supplements.