hey everyone,
i was just wondering what supplements people here use and what they reccomend?
i was wondering what people thought about creatine (EAS Phosphagen Elite)?
im takin ON 100%whey at the moment.

personally, for the money, I’d go with something else.

In the future, I’ll be trying out DS Xceed/Primaforce CEE-post workout

I’ve heard great things about DS Xceed, definitely give it a look. Use it preworkout, then buy some Bulk CEE and use that post workout.

I’m also a fan of BCAAS, and highly recommend Scivation Xtend.

But here are some products I’ve heard great things about.

Size On, Green Bulge, Man Clout… Also, you could even use Creapure.

As for the Whey Protein, good choice, one of the best out of there.

I prefer CEE to Creatine monohydrate. I’ve used green bulge, and highly recommend trying it out.

Depends what you are planning on working out for, obviously by asking on here i assume you workin on becoming a better pitcher. When i was working out heavily i used several different supplements and the best one i tried was “Muscle Milk” its basically protein and some other supplements. There are no side effects and it helped me get stronger but i did not pack on any weight in fact i lost a few pounds (i ran during this time as well) and i feel this is one of the many supplements you can try.

Ok let me explain something about protein, this is to my understanding from a lot of reading I have done.

Your general whey protein acts for a few hours in the blood at high levels and is no longer remaining after a few hours
Now Casein protein, which is the stuff in “Muscle milk”, and cow milk, and animal products is released at moderate levels for several hours (approximately 8 )

So I would draw the conclusion that Casein would be the best protein to take before bed, but whey would be the best pre/post workout protein.

Anyways personally I am using Optimum 100% whey, and really like the taste, and mixability. It also has glutamine, and lots of BCAA’s.

I also use Now Sports Carbo Gain, 100% complex carbs, adds some good calories, to keep me going (I know I have much better continuous energy throughout the day, no annoying insulin spikes and lows). It’s tasteless, maybe a tad bit sweet.
I mix the carbo gain with the protein usually, taste like cold hot chocolate in water. Or if I’m just taking some carbo gain, add a few drops of lemon juice and it’s not bad at all.

Generally what I’ve been doing is making some protein/weight gain shakes. As follows:
1 scoop Optimum, 120 cal, 24g protein
1/2 cup carbo gain, 190 cal, (47g carbs+ 2g sugar)
1/2 cup oats, 150 cal, 6g protein, (27g carbs, 0 sugar)
1 cup skim milk, 80cal, 8g protein
A tablespoon of peanut butter, 90 cal, 8g protein (6g carbs, 3g sugar)
A squirt of hersheys chocolate syrup
Few ice cubes, sometimes a scoop of chocolate frozen yogurt as well.

So the total line is
630 calories
46g protein
74g excellent complex carbs
Only a few grams of sugar depending on how much syrup.

My mom calls it horse food, but I actually like the taste, and I have to say, it a productive drink that goes down easy.

I’m looking at picking up some Casein protein to take before bed to increase the protein synthesis during sleep to help aid any weight gain.