im thinking about using supplements like creatine does anybody else use supplements and if so what kind of gains have u gotten from them

wat about glutamine?

r they illegal at any level of baseball

While creatine is naturally found in muscles taking creatine can have some “damaging effects” according to Sports Weekly, I’ll see if I can find that issue.

I don’t see it necessary anyways, as a pitcher you want muscle, and some weight, but you want to be flexible at the same time, and I feel like creatine promotes mass rather than toning. IN MY OPINION

Also I know a HS sophmore that tried creatine for a month and got off of it and went to protein shakes. (Wise choice)

Off the top of my head I wanna say creatine can mess with your heart and liver.

Do some more research stuff, and avoid the sites trying to sell programs that use creatine, they’re not gonna say anything bad about it, since it’s necessary for their business.

Seems to be pretty solid, basically saying increases bulk, but more or less ineffective. I just feel like its a waste of money.
However someone else here may feel completely different (no I’ve never tried the stuff) so I’m interested to hear.

2nd edit:

WOAH This is enough for me to stay away from the stuff

Recently, a baseball player for the Houston Astros was determined to have suffered from dehydration, kidney stones, and transient kidney damage as the result of creatine supplementation. Additionally, the deaths of 3 collegiate wrestlers this past year are being investigated to determine what role creatine supplementation may have played.

This info and more here:

I’m just trying to show you both sides of the story, not saying do or don’t take it, I was interested in it for a time, but didn’t think the risk was worth it, when alternatives are safe and out their.
(protein shakes, good ol sweating and hard work)

Great info, Centerfield!!! Thank you very much for your post.

To my knowledge creatine is completely legal, it is naturally produced IN LOW AMOUNTS (20grams).

I haven’t looked into glutamine

For me personally, I would feel better if I had busted my butt, rather than taken a pill and worked out a lot less.

That’s (sadly) becoming a large issue in High School sports. Where maybe someones taking supplements makes the team, and a “clean” player doesn’t.
Or if teammate #1 is taking supplements with little workout and #2 is spending time daily to work out.

I don’t have a solid standpoint on supplements (still undecided, leaning toward con) however, healthy foods, and maybe some protein shakes are a lot higher on my list.

Just putting forth my thoughts…

thanks for your input centerfield

does anybody else know anything on the subject if so just reply


I used to take creatine, and I found that if you dont do it regularly then the effects are NIL. If you are looking to gain weight and really want to take something try a protein shake. For some reason there the rage with the 2-6 hitters on my team :roll: :wink:

I have also heard some bad things about creatine

I would stay away from it, its why I got off of it

RTusk, how do you make a protein shake?

is the protein powder good?

which brandsare trusted (their are a few fakes out there)?

Is it better to make a protein shake (with protein powder) or try to do it naturally? (eg with chicken, tuna, peanut butter)???

optimum nutrition makes the best protein powder BY FAR

it’s always better to try and do it naturally with real foods…real food is always better then taking supps…but not everyone can sit down and eat all day long and buying meat isn’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world for students so you can pay 50 bucks for 10lbs of protein, take about 50g of it a day and then you have you a snack to last you about a month

glutamine is worthless, it does have some great health benefits, like it will repair your intestines! and i think it decreases cramps but just have you some sugar from a bottle of gatorade or something similiar after a workout with some protein

i should reword glutamine as being “worthless” but i would call it a waste of money and i wouldn’t recommend anyone else waste money on it

Neither creatine nor protein shakes will help you get stronger unless you put the effort and time in the weight room. Creatine won’t help you at all if you aren’t pushing yourself to failure. You should always be drinking a lot of water and if you are doing that then you shouldn’t have the problem with cramping. If dehydration is an issue, protein shakes can do the same thing. It takes 6 times as much water to digest protein as it does carbohydrates so if you up your protein intake, you need to increase you water consumption also.

Don’t expect supplements to make it easier on you so you don’t have to work hard. If you don’t work hard, these supplements are worthless.