so i just started week one of the tuffcuff strength training program. and was wondering what supplements would everybody reccomend? i was thinking about taking whey protien and jack3d. and the animal pak multivitamins. please give input!

Jack3d is crazy stuff. I would say if you are under 18 do not take it. It has caused heart attacks and such. It will for sure though get you pumped up some people twitch while they are on it.

It all depends on what you are really wanting to try and do. If you want weight they I suggest taking a weight gainer that has protein in it like Serious Mass.

Real Mass is another great product. My friend is trying to be a bodybuilder and he buys a lot stuff made my Gaspari Nutrition.

Super Pump is a pre workout made by Gaspari that could possibly replace the Jack3d unless you are set on using it.

Animal Pak Multivitamins is the best multivitamin you will get.

yes, i do want to gain some muscle mass, but the main thing is i really have to get stronger. thanks for the tip on Jack3d i won’t bother with that. but like i said im doing steven’s program now and just feel that i want to get a lot stronger.