Supplements...a scam?

I Study PDHPE at school and biology.

In my studies i have been researching and working hard.

When i was studying i cam accross an interesting little fact, it stated “Supplements are expensive, and it is doubtful whether any benefits are obtained that cannot easily be obtained by a well planned diet”

i have 2 questions about this:

How do i create a well planned diet on my own (do you have any helpful resources?)?

Are supplements such as whey protein worth the money?

Whey gives you the protein without all the excess fats and carbs you’d get in normal foods. It definitely does what is advertised, although you could technically mimic the effect through diet. I think it’s worth the money because you can get 50+ servings of protein (25g) in a tub for around $40 (ON Whey).

Other supplements, intended to boost performance (creatine and others) are more dependent on the individual. I personally don’t use any, but I’m sure someone with training experience could speak more to these supplements.

As far as diets go, if you want it perfectly balanced, find a nutritionist that can make a plan fit for your needs. Otherwise, I am sure that someone on this board can ballpark a decent diet for you.

P.S. You looking to add/ maintain/ drop weight?

drop about 5% bf and add 10-15kg of lean muscle

90% of losing body fat and gaining muscle is in diet and your workout routine. Supplements won’t do anything for you if your not training properly and eating right. But creatine, whey protein, multi vitamins, glutamine are all great things to take.

Most supplements do work but don’t let supplements take the place of food. Eating right and working hard need to be priority #1. If you still need a little extra then you might consider supplements. Creatine and protein are probably the top two supplements to consider.

i’ve used protein…it works
i’ve used a few different brands of creatine…all have worked, helped me gain size, and gave me a boost in the gym

I’ve used glutamine…i dont really see that much of a point in this, it has beneficial side affects, but I won’t be spending my money on expensive glutamine capsules again