Supplemental Sport to Baseball?

Ok so I would like to pick up another sport besides baseball. My main intent is for the other sport to compliment my baseball skills. Right now Im playing football, but Im worried about injury. Also Im kind of a ball hog so it doesn’t work out. Im the fastest kid on the team so would track be a good idea? My dad could train me.

P.S. It doesn’t matter what season the sport is in. I go to a private school.

Your the Johnny Cello that asked about girls - right?

Well have I got a sport for you!

Look up the address of the following in your community:

  • Mayor.
  • City or town Manager.
  • Chief of Police.
  • Fire Chief.
  • Head of the Local Teamsters Union, and, the Local Iron workers Union.
  • Every Bar Bouncer and Bar Manager.

Find out where their daughters go to school, then visit them and ask them out for a date.

Here’s the side benefits:

Your name will be well known. Very well known.
You’ll get a great amount of “think on your feet” kind of stuff.
You’ll be very fast on your feet.
Your personality will quickly learn how to handle just about any situation.
And last but not least, every medical school around the country will want to interview you for research. Especially the part where they keep asking you … " are you nuts!

But hey … its a sport!

Coach B.

were you serious?

That last item ----

        • should have answered your question.

Coach B.

Why do you want another sport, baseball is the best…

A long time ago, an elderly couple down the street had a nephew that played ball in the summer, then carried golf clubs as a caddy in between. From what I understand, the youngster not only stayed in shape, but made a ton of cash. In fact, he got so good at not one, but two golf courses, that he quit baseball, took up being a caddy 100% of his time after shool and during the summer, then went to Florida to stay with an aunt and learned from the caddies that serve the pros.

So, maybe if you have a golf course around your home, you could caddy and stay in shape and make some dough at the same time.

Coach B.

When I was younger I played multiple sports. I played baseball, football, basketball and tennis.

When I entered high school I focused only on baseball. I got serious about baseball and played every season except for winter. During the winter I maintained a baseball workout program to get me ready for the spring.

Out of the sports listed above that I was less worried about injury was tennis. It didn’t mess up my swing either like some people would think. It also gave me a good cardio workout each day.

If you are in high school or above then I would focus only on baseball unless you are the Bo Jackson type.