Supplement question

would taking Vitamin C or Vitamin B12 tablets be beneficial? What about Phosphagen HP or L-Carnitine Amino Liquids?

First off: If you are young and healthy, then you do not need anything beyond a good diet and exercise.

Second: Any supplement taken to extreme can cause irreversible damage.

I take supplements only because I’m old and have a poor diet.

No supplement works, in a healthy system, unless you exercise and eat right.

If you exercise and eat right, then a young and healthy system does not need supplementation.

Many athletes take a handful of pills in the morning, another handful at lunch, and then a handful at supper.

Pay attention:
Fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K can cause irreversible damage if taken in large amounts via supplementation.

Invest a few hours researching any supplement before putting any pill in your mouth. Then spend ten times that amount of time researching the companies that make the supplement that you want to take.