Dinkel , twinkle little bright,
first star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
touch the rubber so pure and white.

To take that walk from the dugout there,
and not a step on baseline lime do I dare.
To climb the mound from left to right,
its my system pal, that keeps me tight.

Now I’ve been told by coaches all,
to concentrate on pitch and ball.
But I know better, it’s in the wind,
the little things that make me win.

It’s the same thing day after day,
this routine I keep all the way.
The way I sleep and get out of bed,
to brush me teeth, and comb my head.

I’m not the superstitious type
nor am I childish with all that hype.
But I’ve learned a thing, about playing ball,
I miss one thing, and I’ve blown it all!.

Coach B.

Babe Ruth had just one “superstition”: when he hit a home run he made sure to touch every base. :slight_smile:

I have a new one. I hadn’t had an extra base hit in a while. So yesterday I put a 2 dollar bill in my sliding shorts where my cup is supposed to go. I hit a double! So perhaps that’s my new good luck charm, the 2 dollar bill in my shorts.

the 2 dollar bill in my shorts.

How do you make change? How’s it facing - heads or tails? Do you fit it in facing up and down, or back and forth?

Just asking??? :blush:

Coach B.

It’s folded in half hamburger style and I change heads or tails every game.

You have the sense of humor of a baseball coach … honestly. I’d look into this field if I were you. You seem to have the stuff. :bigtup:

Coach B.

You know I’ve actually always thought about it, I want to see how far I can get as a player and I had always wanted to come back and coach the Evanston Outlaws when I was done with schooling and now that ol’ Rossco has passed on I think it’s a real possibility.

Problem is I’d need to be making some good money because the Legion post doesn’t pay the coaches here.

And speaking of superstitions, I just remembered this one…from the National League. The great Lefty O’Doul was an inveterate gum chewer, and he would chew a piece of gum practically to oblivion. When he came to bat, he would stick that piece of chewed-up gum onto his cap. But when the count got to two strikes on him, he would snatch the gum off his cap and stick it back in his mouth, because he believed that if he didn’t do this the next pitch was sure to be strike three!
And there was another one—funny how these things usually happen in the National League—there was one guy who, when his team would come off the field after playing defense, would throw his glove with a whirling motion, and if the glove landed with the thumb pointing toward right field, he just knew he would get a hit his next time at bat. :slight_smile: