I’m just starting this thread to see what kind of superstitions everyone has, personally I have quite a few.

NEVER EVER touch the foul lines running on and off

Two taps of the two before the pitch behind the rubber to tell my mom in the stands I love her (shes my biggest fan :oops:)

A medalalion of St. Saint Rita of Cascia in my back pocket (patron saint of seemingly impossible hopes and dreams) (same medal was in “The Rookie”

And I say the same prayer as I run my pre-game pole

anyone got anything else?

Yeah, I definitely have some superstitions.

  1. Never touch the white foul lines when running on or off the field (big no no lol)

  2. Never jog off the field after an inning…I have to walk lol

  3. Before the game starts I have to step off the mound and relax by taking a deep breath and calming myself down.

I’m sure I have more.

I wear a Saint Sebastion medal my father got me, (Saint of Athletes.)
I never touch the foul lines, and as weird as this sounds, I generally eat
a pancake before the game. My mom makes the best. :smiley:

  1. Always had to wear long-sleeves. Always.

  2. Always had to wear a cup – the same one all three years in pro ball.

  3. Shoelaces had to be double-knotted and strung through the top flap of my spikes.

  4. Spikes had to be polished jet-black before each game, and I would only pitch with a black glove. (The good thing about pro ball is the clubby polished my spikes for me… for an extra $25 tip at the end of the week.)

  5. Straight sprint to the mound, straight sprint from the mound (a la John Rocker).

  6. Always had to sit in the same spot in the dugout in between the innings I pitched.

Not really a superstition but Jon has to smell every new baseball. He did it once with catcher’s gear on, through the mask! It was a kodak moment as the ump looked him just laughed.

“Man, I did love this game. I’d have played for food money. It was the game… The sounds, the smells. Did you ever hold a ball or a glove to your face?”
-Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams

When I played, I had to run off the field after an inning and touch either 1st or 3rd base (depending on which side our dugout was on). At the plate I had a certain bat twirl sequence I had to do before each and every pitch. And of course, a prayer before every at bat and before the first pitch of every inning in the field. Those were the “standard” ones. Now, I use to do something that was wierd even for superstitions…when playing 2nd as the pitcher was deliverying the ball, I had to “flick” dirt up with my glove! My glove was down and I’d be in a good “ready” position and would kick up a little dirt with the tip of my glove. Crazy? I know, but if I didn’t the pitcher wouldn’t throw a strike :smiley:

Now with my 10 year old, I don’t know if this was a “superstition” or not, but he would “adjust” his cup…constantly. I mean constantly. We broke him of this “superstition” by making him do 10 push ups everytime he “checked” himself. He no longer does it… and he’s as strong as hell! :lol:

Now he just spits…

Now with my 10 year old, I don’t know if this was a “superstition” or not, but he would “adjust” his cup…constantly. I mean constantly. We broke him of this “superstition” by making him do 10 push ups everytime he “checked” himself. He no longer does it… and he’s as strong as hell! :lol:

Now he just spits…[/quote]

Thats got to be the funniest thing I have ever heard :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Few more I forgot for myself. I sing the 2nd half of the national anthem, and I tip my hat to the flag always before pitching.

I always have to have the same intro music when I warmup every inning (Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses) and as soon as I step onto the field no matter how early before a game is, my gameface goes on and I dont talk to anybody

  1. Always thank thank God.

  2. Hit my helmet.(don’t ask)

  3. Chew gum. It doesn’t matter what kind or flavor, just gum.

  4. Listen to the Song “Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin(only before starts)

  5. Pay attention. If I don’t watch what is happening when I’m sitting out for the second half of the innning, then I’ll mess up. 100%.

pregame: bust out the MP3 player and turn up the volume to a select few songs.

in the bullpen, i don’t have a set number of pitches, just pitch until i feel ready, which usually after 15-25 real pitches.

never touch a baseline, i think that should be a rule for anyone.

never touch the right side of the rubber (facing the plate). i’m strictly to the left side.

only walk to and from the dugout. not sure why, just my thing.

if i talk in the dugout, it’s only about my pitching.

i think that’s it, but there’s probably more i don’t even realize i do.

  1. Step on only every other step into the dugout
  2. Also only long sleeves (this one was practical, too…it hid my submarine mechanics)
  3. My glove went under the plexiglass team logo (always the letter “E”)
  4. Walk counter-clockwise around the mound after a strikeout
  5. Adjust my hat every other batter

It was fun remembering what all of my superstitions used to be. Also a little strange…

haha some of mine are, run before games, drink a shake with a friend before every game, wear my arm bands, and…EAT SUBWAY AFTER GAMES, oh yeah, and listen to music before games too

  1. no eating within 3 hours of a game.
  2. long sleeves
  3. no cup if i’m pitching
  4. no batting gloves
  5. drink a large glass of water before the game
  6. throw a bit slower in warmups than during the game
  7. throw a little more wildly in warmups to make the hitters think