does anyone have any odd pregame rituals or superstitions. so far the weirdest one i’ve heard of was Moises Alou p*ssing on his hands before every game.

When I play 3rd base I draw a cross in the dirt before every inning. One time on JV i forgot to and I had 3 errors but 2 probably were 1st baseman errors because I threw 2 from behind 3rd base and they hopped once not even a short hop that he missed.

Yesterday I was hitting and a few games ago I ripped my batting gloves pretty bad but I don’t really need um and I was doing ok but I’m like let me put um back on for an at bat and see how I do. So I put on these crappy beat up pair of gloves and I crushed a triple into right field. Next at bat I’m like ahhh I can’t give up these gloves I just hit a triple. I had a hole in the middle finger tip small hole in thumb tip a huge hole that I ripped even more when I hit my triple on the base of my pinkie and ring finger and a little hold at the base of my pointer. I got another single with them lol so I guess I gotta keep using um. :roll: :roll:

I actually have a lot like before the game I will write win and hit in my glove with my finger. I tie my left shoe always before my right shoe. If I have a handful of sunflower seeds and am doing bad I will have another handful so it will be an even number. When I pitch, I always hold my fastball on the seam that cross the characteristics of the ball. And I always spit on my batting gloves before every at-bat. Some may thing I am weird for doing all of this but if you watched me you probaly wouldn’t even notice it. :smiley:

Mine are mainly in my head so no one notices i do it. Before a game i allways say “lets have some fun”. And the first thing i think with ever i throw a pitch is “up, down” Meaning leg up leg down to keep control. Before i even get on the hill i spend about 5 mins on the bench just thinking about throwing the strike.

I also before each at-bat i wipe my hands on my shirt and swing 3 times. I also clear that battersbox, scrape my foot across the battersbox.

Now that i think about i have alot :expressionless:

If I know I gonna start pitching I wear 1 sock inside out the other 1 normal (left side is always inside out) it all started cause I accidently did it and I had a good game so I kept doing it and haven’t had a bad game since (well by bad I mean like horrible or w/e by my standards).

yea i have quite a few superstitions myself. i always pull the ball so before every at bat i put 7.5 in front of the batters box cause the gap between left and center is 7.5 so i try to aim for that. and i have the initials GD and DC under my cap because GD are the initials of my uncle who used to pitch and he died in a tractor trailor accident and DC are the initials of a very good friends of mine that taught me alot of life lessons and he passed away 3 weeks ago. and i carv there initals in the dirt behind the pitchers mound. my other superstition is i spit on both my batting gloves and clap them and then when i step into the batters box i tap home plate twice with my bat cause my two favorite hitters are David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.

I usually chew my glove threads exactly 13 times and I eat exactly 13 seeds and then I swing the bat 13 times on deck plus 13 warm up pitches no more no less. 13 is my lucky number in case you didn’t guess.

In 1995, shortstop Dale Brewer Jr. of Sonoma State University kept a cheeseburger in his back pocket as he played. The burger was his good luck charm. Dale became a big believer in burgers one night after skipping dinner in 1995, Feeling hungry at the ballpark, he asked his mom to to run out and get a cheeseburger for him. The game had started when she got back. Dale ate some in the on deck circle, then stuffed it in his pocket for later. He went up to bat and hit a double to the gap. So he kept a burger on his buns the rest of the season.

I love the smell of pine tar, so i put it on my hat, helmet, and bat before every game. and it works pretty well!

brbballer are u a pitcher? cos if u get court with it in ur hat ull get thrown out of the game. LOL just a little tip

when i go out to play 3rd i alyways touch the bag with my right foot
b4 i get up 2 bat i always put my left glove on first then spit in both and clap
when im in the box i dig a hole for my front foot
when im on the mound i always write BJ on the back of the mound with my shoe (BJ is my name no comments please)

I always wear my Baseball socks from my '01 peewee season to a game where I will pitch. And I always wear them way up calf high. Surprisingly they still fit me well.

I don’t have that many superstitions or rituals before games…i do the basic hop over the lines when i pitch but my main ones are a saint christopher necklace i have to wear and two wrist bands (one from the college world series) that i have to wear when i pitch. One time i didn’t have my necklace and i got shelled and ever since i always have one on.

what do you mean wristbands? if you mean sweatbands they always tell me to take mine off and actually usually anything else on my hands i’m forced to take off

No these are like those livestrong wrist bands they’re much smaller but yeah sometimes i get told to take them off so i just put them in my back pocket and im still good.

i take off my hat every time i step on the field and run to the mound just to show some respect, take off my hat when the coach comes to the mound too, make sure i walk on the line so that i dont actually dont walk on it and look like i have this ritual haha.

i have an habit that couldnt be called a superstition or a ritual when i strike out a batter my arm seems to start rotating all alone and kind of goes right in the air making a big circle that keeps getting momentum as i turn to the 3 base man to get back the ball i always notice it its just kind of a way my arm is tellling me this guy is done or something

before every half inning i write “T” in the dirt to thank god for the opportunity to play ball

im sorta religious :wink:

when I go up to bat I draw a cross on the plate last year when I didn’t I batted .046 with 3 singles but this year when i did i batted .355 with 8 singles 2 doubles and 1 triple

I guess I don’t really have many…just ever time i pitch I carve JW in the dirt behind the mound for Jared Washburn, my favorite pitcher.