Is anyone else here superstitious about their pitching? Like when I’m warming up I want my second baseman taking the trow down cause whenever the shortstop does everything seems to goes wrong. Whenever the umpire throws me a ball I catch it barehand, when a teamate throws it I use my glove. If I eat something for breakfast and have a bad outings I won’t eat that before my next start. I wear try to wear the same nike shirt whenever I pitch. So just curious if anyone else has their own things.

yeah. i always wear the same nike shirt also. whenever my coach throws me the game ball when i’m about to warm up it has to hit the ground before catching it…then i put the wrapper in my back left pocket and never take it out. also, during the game no one but me is allowed to touch the ball when i take the mound after each half inning.

I have a lucky necklace that I wear when I play and I do great every game I wear it.

in florida high school ball you aren’t even allowed to wear necklaces of jewelry of any kind.

I wear a Phiten Star titanium necklace, most umps are alright with it, some umps make you take them off when you are batting, some umps hate them (but you can ususally hide them under your jersey and UnderArmour well so they cant see it :wink:

A lot of pitchers have—or had—one idiosyncrasy or another, and sometimes there’s a very good reason for it, which takes it out of the realm of superstition. I remember how Yankee pitcher Vic Raschi used to insist, most vehemently, that photographers stay away from him before a game. One time a photographer snapped a picture of him in the locker room, and the flash blinded him for several minutes, which he didn’t like at all. He would sit there in the locker room and work himself up into an absolute fury, like—as a fellow pitcher described it—“a bear who had missed his breakfast”. And then he would take the mound and throw strike after strike after strike.
Ed Lopat, like a lot of pitchers, had a particular superstition regarding the no-hitter. On the day when Allie Reynolds was working on the first of his two no-nos, in the seventh inning he asked Lopat “Do you think I could pitch a no-hitter?”—whereupon Lopat screamed, raced into the clubhouse, changed clothes and went home, therefore missing the end of the game in which Reynolds outpitched Bob Feller.
And not only pitchers, but position players…there was one who, when coming off the field at the end of a half inning, would throw his glove into the air with a whirling motion, and if that glove landed with the thumb pointing toward right field it meant that he would get a hit his next time at bat. Whole books have been written about these things—entertaining reading, and a good insight into what makes some players tick.
I for one never entertained that kind of thinking. I would warm up, take the mound, and pitch a complete game and win it, thank you very much. 8)

I am not so much superstitious as I like things to be going my way when Im on the mound. I go at my pace, which is the same every time with the exception of the set position (even with no runners on). I also like to lick my fingers immediately after my pitch is delivered. Like when my ball is still traveling to the plate. I take a stroll when I get the ball back to the back of the mound, circling it, and climb the bump to the top and do my thing. Most of the time between pitches I will adjust my cap. Small things like that.