Superbowl picks


Bronco’s or Panthers? Who do you want to win and who do you think is going to win?


I’ll start. I’m going Bronco’s all the way but tbh i think carolina will destroy them. Hopefully not!


@Dhup Panthers ftw. I’m from the Charlotte area so Panthers without a doubt. #keepdabbin


I’m going for Old Man Manning.


Regardless of who wins an SEC quarterback will be the Super Bowl champion.


Same reason i’m rooting for the bronco’s. love manning!


A QB who acts like a prima donna reciever won’t win. Carolina played NOBODY this year. Denver without a doubt. Who wouldn’t love to see an all time great that RESPECTS the game and has been a CLASS ACT throughout his storied career ride off into the sunset while showing up a punk who dances after a ten yard run.

:smile: lol


:disappointed:very disappointed in the Panthers right now, but I’m over it. It’s all part of being a sports fan. Hey, there’s still next year :neutral_face:.


Defense wins championships!!!