Super velocity

How fast should i be throwing?
13 years old 5foot 4inches 110 lbs

what kind of field do you play on how far is the mound to the plate?

im now starting babe ruth 60ft 6in

ok well your velocity will DROP DOWN alot but don’t worry keep trying to throw it in there hard once you get bigger it will get to where it should be. Velocity the 1st couple years of baberuth don’t matter till you grow bigger.

What babe ruth do you play for?

i havnt started yet but im playing jh and thats like50 ft or so

Ok well let your body develop.

Im 15 and when i first started playing the big diamond from the small diamond my velocity dropped and I became a change-up/curve ball pitcher but 3 years latter im now gaining the velocity I once had when I was little back. It started the begin of this year with gaining about 5 mph because of growth.

Work on throwing the Fastball even if you get hit hard. Develope a good fastball and then you will be far ahead of the kids with the nasty curveball and average fastball.