Super service!

Here’s what should happen at your next game when you jog out to the mound in the 2nd inning and find that the opposing pitcher has already dug one of those annoying holes at the front edge of the rubber…

Pitchers deserve a proper surface to pitch from.

[Note: That was Zito playing the Clapton tune…]

And here I thought we would have some woids from my favorite philosopher…“The Great Jerome”…well here at LTP we aim to please…Some more Super Service :smiley:

La lives on the other side of the country from me, but sometimes I think the guy is looking in my window so to speak :lol:
Just this week my son had a “mound” experience and I assure the readers it wasn’t as pretty as AT&T park. What had happened was we had our normal afternoon mosoon (It rains in the afternoon for about half an hour here and then moves on…it’s a nice trick to cool it off…I think Disney hooked something up :roll: ). The mound he was throwing off of had a nice dry layer thrown over…well what turned into clay mush. He tried to clear it by himself but the stuff is like peanut butter…by the time he just decided that he couldn’t pitch on the surface and actually made someone fix it…he was pretty much wore out from it…he threw two more innings but he was just dogged tired from wrestling in the muck.
Do make someone take the time…it could also mean injury…it is very important.

There’s an expression I have heard many times—in the military and in the various echelons of law enforcement. It has to do with “policing one’s brass”, which simply means cleaning up after oneself, and it’s been demonstrated that the cops, the FBI agents and others who do this are more effective at their jobs than those who leave it to some other poor slob to cheal up after them. That idiot who dug a hole in the ground near the pitcher’s rubber should be required to fix it himself. Yes, pitchers should have a good surface to pitch from and should not have to fix up someone else’s mess. 8)

Well now, this is gettin’ scary jd…when I titled the thread “Super Service!” I was specifically wondering if you would get the reference…

I shoulda known it would be too easy for a 3 Stooges scholar of your caliber.

Come on Flippin, where is that video in slow-mo? :lol:

Be careful of what you wish for, CanadianBall, here’s something from the dusty archives:

Haha, oh now that’s a work of art! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you post somewhere on the forums what you use to get these videos but if you could refresh my memory that would be great!

I have the Casio EXFS10 which I find is nice, but I may consider upgrading in the future…

I use a Casio EX-F1 that I bought >2 years ago; however, anyone interested in slo-mo video for baseball should probably consider a newer, lower-priced alternative from Casio:

The Casio EX-FH25 can be purchased within the range of about $340 - $400 (depending on where you shop) and its got great specs for recording high speed video.

[Disclaimer: High speed video requires lots of light–note that all of my clips are taken outdoors. Even a well-lit basketball gymnasium is typically not sufficient for high speed video. People who need to use these cameras indoors for analysis of their swing or pitching mechanics, etc, will have to consider rigging up high-wattage shop lights to make usable slo-mo videos.]