Super sensible shoulder after injury?


I got injured couple of years back and since then my shoulder became super sensitive to anything.
For example, if I put wrist bands or straps in my throwing arm, I can barely throw the ball 90 feet with max effort. If I remove it I can throw plus 140+ feet with little to no effort. Another example, If I use arm sleeves on my throwing arm same thing, can’t throw hard and I feel my shoulder numb. If I remove it, i can then throw normally without any discomfort.
Another example, putting any sort of cream, Tiger Balm, A350, BenGay, u named it, produces a similar feeling/numbness in my shoulder.
Even before my injury i always had this issue but it wasn’t as much present as after injury.
I know this isn’t a big deal but what can be the cause?


How did you injure & what was the original diagnosis/treatment?


Arm overuse, too many pitches and fewer rests between games. The original diagnosis was multiple tears on my rotator-cuff and posterior labrum fraying plus inflamed capsula. Basically, my whole shoulder got destroyed. Doctor said I need to stop playing (or throwing) baseball for some time so i stayed out of baseball for couple of years and went back to the game the last 4 years. My injury was in 2008, 10 years back in my early 20s, I’m now 33 and I feel stronger than ever, besides that weird sensibility in my shoulder.
Btw, I now play 3B/RF and occasionally relieve or close some games (but that’s kinda rare).


No surgery recommended at the time?


Nope only physiotherapy…


If you had multiple tears and fraying it could be improper healing and/or scar tissue. Best to go to a sports orthopedic for an opinion. My son injured his shoulder last fall, your injury sounds much more serious. His injury was bicep tendon subluxation. He was given option of a steroid shot to the effected area & rehab or surgery. Doctor told him if was going to continue to play competitively surgery would be required at some point, no guarantee the shot & rehab would get him through a season but he’d continue to have same issues (he’d dealt with for a couple of years). Since he was a College Freshman he opted for the surgery and a Redshirt year. Doctor said after the surgery his bicep tendon was much worse than thought, shredded. The extent of the damage couldn’t be detected until the surgery was performed. Luckily he had no damage to his rotator cuff or labrum. Like I say, your injury sounds much more serious than his. Definitely would get a sports orthopedics opinion. May be a situation that surgery is required to play competitively. Good luck and hope everything goes well for you.


I’ll check with Dr after summer and will let you know how it goes.
Thank again for your tips and suggestions! :slight_smile:


Best of luck. Hope everything goes well for you!