Super happy! the heat doesnt stop coming

Wow you guys were right. I was barely using my legs. I was throwing hard all arm! Today i threw off the mound and my god. The ball was faster then i ever seen it. I been clocked at 88 consistent but man This wasnt my normal lookin fastball. I switched up the grip. I used my legs and my hips and shoulders and DAMN had my catcher hurting.

Oh and on top of that. I have a sinker. Sinks about 12 inches! And its almost as fast asmy 4 seam.

Great great day for me

Good job, Explain how you are using the body more?

Try to get a video

How did you change your grip?

Its my four seam the thumb is on the side of the ball rather under it which caused less friction when releasing from my hand

I’ll have to try that out