Super Bowl XLIII

Wow. Thoughts?

(Edited so the title says that we’re talking about this year’s one not last years :oops: )

Just this

:cry: :cry:

Just this

:smiley: :smiley:

It was a really good game. I was hoping for a different outcome, but a good game nonetheless.

I started dozin out 3rd qrt but that fourth was pretty intense good game, u can tell both defenses were gettin tired though

they had to set a record for most holding calls. i have never seen so many in 1 game before. a great game though

The turning point in the game was the 100-yard interception return for a touchdown. That was a 14-point swing - 7 points that the Cardinals should have gotten but didn’t and 7 points that the Steelers got but shouldn’t have.

Roger are you sure you’re not my dad? He said the same thing, word for word. No joke … :shock:



Haha yea that announcers were saying I think harrison is hurt at the end of the play…and i was like heck no the man is gasping for air, probably bout to die from lack of oxygen

haha yeah i thought he passed out.

How does a professional athlete playing at the highest level possible surrounded by a staff of professional coaches and trainers end up needing oxygen after just one 100-yard sprint? I just don’t get it. :reallyconfused:

haha, yeah… cause he’s 250 pounds, with pads on, and have already been flying around the field for atleast an hour. 100 yards is a long way though.

these linebackers and defensive lineman are trained on explosive sprints and quick movements not marathon runs. Harrison is a big boy and after running 100 yards, adrenaline pumping, dodging players left and right, his adrenaline is probably pumping his heart out of his chest so much he cant breathe. I would have passed out on the 50 yard line haha