i need some sunglasses for the outfield, any recommendations? is there a big difference between the polarized and unpolarized ones?

There’s not much difference in baseball, outside the field I’d definitely recommend polarized. I like the Oakley M frames or Radars the best.

Oakleys are the best. I have a pair of the jackets, polarized with the new technology and it’s unbelievable. It will run you around 230$ though.

The cost of the non polarized Sunglasses is around $40 more than the non polarized Sunglasses. Aside from their price disparity, polarized lenses differ from non-polarized lenses in one main way. Vertical “Polarisers” block transmission of horizontal light through polarized sunglass lenses. The result is that polarized lenses reduce glare created by the sun’s reflection off horizontal planes such as the hood of a car, the road, and water surfaces. The difference between the two types of lenses is quite apparent when you directly compare the two. To do so, hold both up to a sunny road or path; you’ll notice immediately that by reducing glare on the surface, the polarized lenses enable you to clearly distinguish between lines and textures.


How about Eye Black?