Sunday's Results

Got the start and went six innings. Allowed one run, three hits, one walk and two strkeouts on 69 pitches. We were ahead 3-1 when I came out.
Felt great and could have gone another inning or two.

Our reliever got into some trouble in both the 7th and 8th but worked his way out of it. He got two quick outs in the top of the 9th and then things fell apart. A few soft singles, a walk, a wild pitch and a single and it was over. We lost 4-3. OUCH!

Darn, I’m 15 and we played our first playoff game yesterday and we had it tied 4-4 in the 7th which is the last inning so it went into extras tied through the 8th got out of a 1 out 1st and 3rd jam when the ball was hit to our SS he threw the guy out at home one of their fastest players so we got a break, we got out of it and got 1 run in the top of the 9th so we were up by 1 and in the bottom of the 9th 1 out our pitcher walked the bases loaded or 2 walks 1 hit something and the infield came in and they hit it over us and 2 runs scored and they won it :roll: :roll: