Summer training

I am going to be a freshman in high school this year. I’m 5’7" and 130 lbs so not the biggest guy. My travel team’s season is over and I want to become a better pitcher overall over the summer. I have a 65 mph fastball, a 58 mph change-up, a 55 mph curve, and i’m working on a slider. My question is, what can I do to become overall better over the summer? I cant find any summer leagues where I live and dont know how to work on getting better. I am definitely motivated to work hard. What can I do? Thanks.

I’m a low 80s pitcher, a sophomore in high school , and what I’m doing over the summer is playing summer ball and also working out, i only weigh 158lbs and I’m basically 6 foot. They tell if i get my weight up i could raise my velocity up to 85 just from that. I recommend you do the same and try working out this summer and gaining weight. Since you weigh 130 id say if you start now trying to gain weight, you could reach 140-145 by the end of the summer and then another 10 by the start of spring ball. Id also recommend a strength and conditioning program for your off-season. A Good one would be TuffCuff found on this very site. Hope i could help !

First off post a video of your mechanics on this site (there’s no point in busting ass if your motion can’t support a high velocity throw). I recommend you do find a summer league (since its probably alittle to late now look for one next year) I recommend finding a good program (although TuffCuff is a good one I suggest creating your own using resources like Eric Cressey, LankyLefty on this site, and web searches. Defiantly long toss and throw every day (maybe take a day off if your feeling sore) Look into weighted baseball programs (kyleb has a great free one on his website) Lastly try to get access to a professional pitching coach