Summer team?

Hey guys, I am looking for a summer team or league to play in because I really need the innings and experience. I go to college at Bucknell University but live in Los Angeles, so I would prefer a team that is on or near the west coast, and is not necessarily looking for kids only on their school’s squad, because I got cut before the season started. I have a dvd if anyone is interested as well, I just really need to pitch this summer. I am a 6’4 180ish LHP


Man you live in L.A. and can’t find some travel squad to hook up with…as a LHP? Have you gotten in touch with the Legion Director in that area? Contact all the local colleges and talk with their coaches. Google, Google Google. I just know you’ll have a line of folks beating a path to your door.
Just out of curiousity sake (And as an FYI to the board), what do you think got you cut? Can you over come it?

I was not physically prepared at the time when cuts were made to be on the team, but since then i have been working out harder than i have before in my life. I also had unrealistic expectations about the talent level and took my recruitment for granted. But yeah, i definitely think i can overcome what got me cut because since then both the head coach and pitching coach, as well as several of the players have said not only do they think that i can come back and make the team next year but that i can do something special on the program. Might be nice talk, but i don’t believe the coaches to be those kinds of guys nor the players.

Good Stuff!!!
My bet is on you, desire is the name of the game!
Try some of those remedies I laid out. I’m sure you’ll have as many appearance opps as you want!