Summer offseason plan

Since my summer season comes to an end this weekend, I was looking for a new workout to use during the offseason. This is what I’ve come up with, but any advice would be much appreciated.

A. Bench Press 4x6
B1. DB Bench 3x8-10
B2. Split Squats 3x8-10
C1. DB Rows 3x8-10
C2. Skull Crushers 2x10-12
Core and Rotator Cuff Work

A. Squat 4x6
B1. Chin-ups 3xfailure
B2. Walking Lunges 3x8-10
C1. Military Press 4x6-8
C2. Modified Pull-up 4x12-15
Core and Rotator cuff Work

A. Deadlift 4x6
B1. Incline DB Press 3x8-10
B2. Lateral Lunges 3x8-10
C1. Barbell Rows 3x8-10
C2. Hammer Curls 2x8-12
Core and Rotator Cuff Work

Skill Work (groundballs, bp, long tossing, flat grounds, and bullpens) done on Tues., Thurs., Sat.

Post what kind of stretches you are doing.

Well, i am no expert, but i have been working out for a while, and have seen some really good results.
I do basically everything you do. But I also like to do Decline Bench Press and Dips. I also add in one-armed DB press.
I think you have a good workout.
Correct me if im wrong anyone?

Hope this helps.

You can’t go too wrong when you center a workout on the big three: bench, dead, and squat. The exercises look like a good starting point, and you can make adjustments as time goes on.

One thing I would change would be to add an extra exercise to each day, just to bring the total work volume up a bit. I’d go with something like:
Monday- pullups
Weds- dips
Friday- hang clean
3 or 4 sets each.

Thanks for the input so far guys…keep it coming. As far as stretching is concerned, I’m doing dynamic stretching prior and static stretching with an emphasis on the shoulder afterwards.

You may want to take a look at this article, very similiar to what you have in mind and it could potential give you some more ideas ect.

Ferrugia’s a pretty smart guy as well.